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the First Touch explained

Most couples opt to do a 1st Look for their wedding... however not all couples are a fan of being that non-traditional. Some couples feel that it takes away that first moment of walking down the aisle at the ceremony. But I do find that couples still would like to do something special in place of a first look but are not sure what. That is when I suggest something called "the First Touch". This allows the couple to have a sweet intimate moment together and still save the big reveal for the aisle. This moment can be exactly what you need to calm your brain down from all of the nerves of the big day.

But Jodie, What IS a First Touch? let me explain it to you.

The first touch takes place similar to the first look before the ceremony. The only real difference is that the couple cannot see each other. Usually there is an object such as a door that separates the pair but allows a hand to be held across it. I have seen couples use this as a moment to share a quick prayer, exchange notes, read personal vows, or just a quick chat about pre-aisle jitters.

What Are The Benefits to a First Touch?

The biggest benefit is being able to calm each other and have a special moment together before the ceremony. That simple touch from your partner can literally melt away the stress.

Additionally, it is nice to be able to communicate a little bit before the ceremony since you won't get to talk really until after the ceremony.

What are The Cons to a First Touch?

With a first look you get almost all big photos done before the ceremony. When you do something like a first touch, all of those big group photos of the family and the wedding party will be pushed to after the ceremony. It will add time after your ceremony for photos that will keep you away from your guests. So if you do decide to do a first touch I recommend a cocktail hour or long reception to give everybody plenty of time to eat. This can also push your reception time later and you will have to make adjustments if you have to leave your venue relatively early.

Truly it is up to every couple what they wish to do or not do. At the end of the day it is your wedding and whatever makes you happy.

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